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Before and After shots

Contemporary Photography

We always want to share the before and after photos because so much work goes into every photo. I am going to try to post more before and after photos to show the transformation of our work and the power of photoshop. Here are a few pictures from last weeks shoots.

For this shot, we imagined more balls to make it as dramatic as possible. Photoshop helped make it happened by cloning the balls that were already there.

Unlike the last shoot, for this I think less is more. I always love to simplify the photos so your eyes don't wonder past the subject trying to find more details. Removing the people help make a unique and dramatic photo.

This is our first test shot with our new Point and Shoot camera! Emily and I always love doing fun shoots together but lately our time has been very limited. We are going to start making more time for taking personal photos! (No flash, no professional gear for this photo)

For this shoot, everything was too bright making your eyes not go straight to the bike. Photoshop helped make the bike the main focus while keeping some unique mystery to the rest of the landscape.