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Uniontown Senior Location Guide

Contemporary Photography

Another school year is over and you know what that means, you just became a Senior! Now it's time for your senior photos but there are so many locations to pick from! We made a Senior Location Guide with the most popular spots around the Uniontown Area. Take a look at past seniors and decide what locations you like the best.

Once you're ready contact us to book your Senior photos!

Also we can do your hair and airbrush makeup to give you the best senior photo look. Ask us for more information today!

Nemacolin Woodlands

Nemacolin is such a classy location that has so much to offer for Seniors. From their beautiful stone work,  their bright greenery, to their one of a kind golf course. There is so much for Seniors to pick from it has quickly became one you must consider!

The Summit

The Summit has amazing views of the Mountains and of Uniontown. During sunset it is easily one of the most beautiful places around. It might not have as much variety that Nemacolin Woodlands has but make no mistake, the pictures will be breathtaking!


This state park is another great location with lots of greenery, waterfalls and bridges. Many seniors love to do this and then go to the Summit on the way back to get some great sunset shots!

Mount Macrina

A great place in town that gives you tall trees, a beautiful lake, field, and even some unique stone work all in one place. People usually forget about this wonderful gem that is so close by. This could be a great location for your senior photos!

Downtown Uniontown

Downtown Uniontown can be such a beautiful place to take your senior photos. Giving more  of an urban feel that has so much to offer for everyone ! Tall buildings to railroad tracks and even fields that make you feel like you are in the country. Every session is unique and different!

Your School

Don't forget about doing Senior photos at your school! Get some unique photos with your favorite sports and activities. These can be so much fun and unique.

Your Home

Last but not least, what's more unique than your back yard or even your neighbors! We have taken some amazing photos in backyards! Before traveling all around you might have some perfect locations right in front of you!