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500 Feet Above Pittsburgh

Contemporary Photography

So what do we do when we are not shooting weddings? Do super fun date nights! Last Saturday we took a helicopter ride around Pittsburgh then did a couples cooking class. It has always been on our bucket list to ride in a helicopter so one more thing checked off. Pittsburgh is such a beautiful city and we were thrilled that the weather was perfect for photos. Check out all the photos below:

Sometimes you have to step out of your routine and try new things, check things off your bucket list, and live life to the fullest. 
This could be an awesome way to surprise your special someone with the proposal ;-)

^Above on our way to Pittsburgh, Below is the Waterfront/Homestead area.

We just loved the full window views this helicopter had. Perfect for photo taking and to see the views of the city.

There is never a bad view of Pittsburgh, no matter which way you come into the city you get such a grand view! Below is Oakland and the Cathedral of Learning.

The city of Bridges is beautiful from the air.

^The picture above is our favorite of this shoot. Getting a full view of Pittsburgh, The Point and both rivers within 3 windows of the helicopter.

^Top right is Mt. Washington and pictured below is Southside.